Moving Over Existing Server Files

If your files are located on your old host’s server:
Visit our submit a ticket page found here, and open up a new support ticket with FTP information for your old server. We will need the IP, username, and password for your old server’s FTP access. This way we can access your files and move them directly server to server.

If you can have your old host archive all of your files before giving us this info, it will speed up the transfer significantly.
If your files are located on your computer:

If your files are located on your computer, you can quickly move the files onto your server by using an FTP client. You can find our tutorial on setting up and using an FTP client here. When uploading files to your server using FTP, if you archive everything before uploading it, it will significantly decrease your upload time. If you chose to upload them as an archive, make a support ticket here and let us know when it’s fully uploaded. We will then extract your files from the archive.